Disclaimer: Note, this is general information. Individuals should check with the relevant regulator for the most up to date information. (Last reviewed February 2015).

This information is provided to determine the qualification requirements for obtaining a building contractor’s licence in New South Wales.

The following links detail the current university qualifications/pathways and their relevance to the NSW Building Contractor’s Licence. Please click on the link for the state from where you obtained your qualifications.

New South Wales & ACT


South Australia & Northern Territory

Victoria & Tasmania

Western Australia

In addition to its qualification requirements the New South Wales Office of Fair Trading requires licence applicants to have a minimum two years supervisory experience as opposed to experience practicing, or undergoing training for, another profession other than building.

Further, other criteria such as a licence applicant’s good character, professional competence and financial status may also be considered by NSW Fair Trading – for further details about these or any of the above, please contact NSW Fair Trading directly.

Also, for a list (but not a limited list) of some of the specific circumstances as to when a licence application may be refused, please go to the following web page of NSW Fair Trading: Applying for a licence – NSW Fair Trading

For further information regarding these requirements, please contact NSW Fair Trading.

The accreditation status (by various professional institutions), and indeed the title, of the various degrees varies from time to time.

For this reason this webpage is updated annually in conjunction with NSW Fair Trading – last update June 2010.